Pre-trial conference


If a response has been lodged which does not wholly admit the claim, the Court will arrange a pre-trial conference. A pre-trial conference is a meeting between the parties facilitated by a Clerk of the Court. It is an opportunity for the parties to confidentially discuss the claim and come to an agreed resolution without the need to go to a hearing.

Attendance is compulsory and you should let the Court know as soon as possible if you have any concerns about attending or accessibility by contacting the Registry on (08) 9420 4467 or

If the claim cannot be resolved at the pre-trial conference, it will be scheduled to proceed to a hearing. This may involve the Clerk of the Court making orders to help prepare the matter for hearing. These orders can include:

  • The requirement for one or more parties to lodge Case Outline/Further and Better Particulars of Case Outline. The Court's Practice Direction 1 of 2017 (PDF) outlines the procedures to be followed for these
  • Programming the matter to substantive hearing which may include timelines for the exchange of documents between the parties, including witness statements