Industrial Magistrates Court of Western Australia


The Industrial Magistrates Court is a Court of law established pursuant to section 81B of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (the Act) and constituted by an Industrial Magistrate.

Pursuant to section 81CA of the Act, the Industrial Magistrates Court exercises both “general” and “prosecution jurisdictions”.

The Court’s general jurisdiction is governed by the Magistrates Court (Civil Proceedings) Act 2004 (see s81CA(2)) the Industrial Magistrates Courts (General Jurisdiction) Regulation 2005.

When exercising prosecution jurisdiction the Industrial Magistrates Court constitute a Court of summary jurisdiction and the practice and procedure are those provide in the Criminal Procedure Act 2004 and the Criminal Procedure Regulations 2005.

Section 81D of the Act provides for the appointment of a Clerk of Court and defines powers of the Clerk.

There are Industrial Magistrates Courts in Perth, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Albany but originating claims must be commenced in the Perth Court.

The Perth Industrial Magistrates Court may hear and determine matters at any location within the State of Western Australia.